Toddlers (1-4 years)

The DMIT helps parents make decisions on understanding the child’s behaviour, parenting styles, the right preschool and apt teaching methods..

Children (4-12 years)

Understanding their learning styles and the overall intelligence’s profile assists in identifying suitable methods to work on certain areas and explore the strengths..

Students (11 to 17 years)

Knowing the strengths and recommendations to work on problem areas helps in understand your intrinsic potential. It highlights the innate primary and secondary learning styles.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the fastest growing Scientific Career Counselling Center, having 9 years of experience. We endeavor to blend traditional and modern education system. Brain Wisdom is always be experimental with education to offer innovative and encouraging environment. DMIT test is one our ambitious services. We are offering franchisee for DMIT. Our Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests Cost is based on the report. For premium service you pay more than basic. You will get the report in English,Hindi Marathi and Gujarati Language.

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Career Guidance (16 years and above)

One can understand their personality and competencies along with leadership qualities to boost their professional growth and ensure the success on job..

Professional Staffs

Brain Wisdom employees trained psychologists, counselors and experts who help Franchise’s, Students and Parents by providing them best assistance via live chat, email and phone.


We would like to reach the common man to guide them in choosing the right profession which in turn not only keeps them happy but also helps build a vibrant and contributing society.To provide a platform for individuals of all age group to discover their true potential and make their life more enjoyable.

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